Doors, Windows & Benches

What is it about doors, windows and benches that draws people in?  Perhaps it is because they are so inviting that they welcome you to come and explore or take respite in them. Click on thumbnail to see full image.

<i>Checkered Past</i><BR>Tangier, Morocco<i>Pizzicheria</i><BR>Siena, Italy<i>Come On In</i><BR>Paris, France<i>Poodle Poser</i><BR>Vernazza, Italy<i>Rustic Door</i><BR>Grasse, France<i>Sketchy Neighborhood</i><BR>Tangier, Morocco<I>Mission Still Life II</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, California<i>Strawberry Dreams</i><BR>Tangier, Morocco<I>A Warm Welcome</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, California<I>Along the Way</I><BR>Venice, Italy<I>What Is Your Address?</I><BR>Mazatlan, Mexico<I>Borrego Door</I><BR>Borrego Springs, California<I>Bougainvillea at the Mission</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, California<I>Carmel Mission Basilica</I><BR>Carmel, California<I>Into the Light</I><BR>San Miguel, California<I>Reflection Spot</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, California<I>Mission Still Life</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, California<I>Still Life in Mazatlan</I><BR>Mazatlan, Mexico<I>Poor Box</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, California<I>The North Gate</I><BR>San Miguel, California<I>He Shall Rise Again</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, California<i>The Blue Gate</i><BR>Carlsbad, California<I>Wednesday in Mismaloya</I><BR>Mazatlan, Mexico