California Missions

Images of and about the 21 California Missions. Click on thumbnail to see full image.

<I>Corner Arch</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, California<i>Carmel Mission Basilica</i><BR>Carmel, California<I>Bougainvillea at the Mission</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, California<I>Mission Still Life</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, California<i>Mission San Juan Capistrano</i><BR>San Juan Capistrano, California<I>Poor Box</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, California<I>Flowers in the South Wing</I> (vertical)<BR>San Juan Capistrano, California<I>Into the Light</I> (vertical)<BR>San Miguel, California<I>Mission Still Life II</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, California<I>He Shall Rise Again</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, California<I>Sacred Garden</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, CaliforniaSan Diego Mission de Alcalá<I>A Warm Welcome</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, California<I>Bells Serra</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, CaliforniaPrayer, Mission Carmel Basilica, Carmel<I>SLO Morning at the Mission</I><BR>San Luis Obispo, California<I>Mission Wish</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, California<I>The North Gate</I><BR>San Miguel, California<I>Mission San Juan Capistrano III</I><BR>San Juan Capistrano, CaliforniaLighted Hallway, Mission San Luis Rey, OceansideLa Purisima MissionPeaceful Bench, Mission San Juan CapistranoGarden Wagon, Mission San Juan Capistrano<I>Altar at Mission San Miguel Arcangel</I><BR>San Miguel, CaliforniaSide View, Mission San Antonio de Padua<I>Flowers in the South Wing</I> (horizontal)<BR>San Juan Capistrano, CaliforniaMission Santa BarbaraPrayer Candelabra, Carmel Mission Basilica